The Bremont Adventurer’s Club with Brian Wood MC

From time to time Bremont run ‘Adventurers Club’ events at their boutiques. They invite their customers to attend and if you respond in time, you secure a place to attend and hear one of the brand ambassadors speak to a pretty small audience about their adventures and experiences.

On Tuesday 30th of April, I attended my first of these events at Bremont’s Mayfair boutique. This particular event was to hear Brian Wood MC (Military Cross) who was prominently involved in the battle of Danny Boy in Iraq in 2004 speak about his experience at the battle itself and some of the aftermath with the Al-Sweady inquiry.

Inside the Mayfair boutique before the talk

I turned up to the venue and took an obligatory video for my Instagram story outside the boutique and then headed in. Inside I was fortunate enough to be introduced to Brian himself. He’s a very down to earth guy who is currently promoting his book ‘Double Crossed‘ in which he recounts events leading up to, the battle itself and the events that followed in the years afterwards. It’s a great, well written book and I thoroughly recommend reading it. Also, check out Brian’s instagram page @brianwoodmc.

Nick English & Brian Wood MC

Brian spoke to the small crowd for about an hour and you could hear a pin drop for much of the time as we were all absolutely enthralled by his moving accounts of the incredible bravery shown by him and his fellow soldiers and the trauma of the events that unfolded on the day of the battle. He clearly finds recounting it emotional, as did we all, as he re-lived the thought processes of the day and some of the painful experiences that followed.

Video by Brian’s friend @mrblparker

Bremont have chosen Brian to be the ambassador for the ‘Broadsword‘ which he is hugely pleased about and very proud of. The Broadsword is one of the watches in their new ‘Her Majesty’s Armed Forces‘ collection. The collection contains 3 pieces, which have been designed in conjunction with the Ministry of Defence. The broadsword happens to be my favourite so I was enviously looking on at the one on Brian’s wrist.

The collection sees a new 2 piece case design introduced to the brand’s lineup rather than the familiar ‘trip tick’ case design. They are all extremely handsome pieces and I have a nasty suspicion that I will end up owning a broadsword at some point in the near future, as I am unashamedly a big fan of the brand, owning 3 of their time pieces already.

The broadsword on my wrist with the Argonaut in the background

Despite owning the Audio book I purchased a hardback copy on the night which Brian kindly signed and his friend who was covering the event for him also very kindly took and shared this photo of Brian and me.

Myself and Brian Wood MC. Photo courtesy of @mrblparker

I’d like to end this piece by thanking Brian for his service, his bravery and for sharing his incredible story with everyone. It was a very humbling experience indeed and I have the utmost respect for Brian, all serving men and women both past and present.


2 thoughts on “The Bremont Adventurer’s Club with Brian Wood MC

  1. Looks like it was a great night, and an emotional one having watched the vid. The Broadsword looks stunning and would make a fine addition to a collection. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the evening.


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